Why don’t we use mobile as a reporting tool in Africa?

There are so many projects in so many different countries. All of these projects need to show the world what kind of progress is being made on the ground.

For example, a local project director, who has received international support, can now show people what is happening in short video, photo and text. This content can be collected via an internet enabled mobile phone and published to the internet on a daily basis – possibly in the form of a mobile weblog.

This process has enormous potential. The more regular and constant the flow of information the more insight and understanding people have for local projects. This could become especially relevant for micro finance.

Imagine a platform where entrepreneurs present themselves online. With the use of mobile reporting, local entrepreneurs can present their business on a daily basis. They can show people when new supplies arrive, when a product is finished or when they have a new employee join the team. They can highlight the challenges for their business and help viewers share in the celebrations.

The more information posted online the more people around the world can live in the experience. This process helps people appreciate local conditions and builds emotional attachment. At the same time, it makes it easier for people to get involved – people invest when they know where their money is going.

The possibilities are endless.


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The world is changing right before my eyes. Sometimes I don't know how I will ever keep up. There are so many ideas floating around on this internet. If only I had the means to collect them....

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