Zanzibar votes for Obama – An unexpected election campaign

A small group of individuals have launched Zanzibar’s own campaign to put Obama in the White House. 

This video was made with the Mino Flip Video. It is a good example of the quality we can expect from emerging mobile reporting tools.


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3 responses to “Zanzibar votes for Obama – An unexpected election campaign”

  1. joebethwhite says :

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights on the upcoming election for president in the USA. I agree with your global vision and think we should work together to make our world safer, cleaner, and more sustainable. I visited your beautiful country in 2006 and plan to return again. Cheers, Bibi

  2. TMeet says :

    Hi, Good evening.

    I came accross your blog while looking for bloggers from Tanzania. I must say I was really impressed by your Tanzania-related posts and I’m happy that Blogging by or about Tanzania is now increasing. It is a very nice contribution you bloggers are making because it helps Tanzanians like me who live abroad to connect with home.

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  3. David says :

    Obama for the White House, you can say that again, Bidup from

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