Really Simple Reporting – A Business Model

We are working to give journalist in Africa advanced mobile phones. We are also looking into small digital recorders like the flip video. The local journalist use these tools to produce reports in their area and use the mobile and internet network to publish the content to We are now working to engage 300 individuals spread across 33 African countries.

In addition to general reports about politics, business, sports and culture, our team works to bring out stories about individuals doing great things. We try to focus on what is possible and profile the people and the projects working to make it happen.
We feel this project helps generate better news and information on Africa. If anything, we work to make the process local and empower individuals in a way that they can tell their own story. The mobile reporting tools are great in terms of capturing this local perspective (no big camera crews, lights and other annoyances) and this really comes out in the reports we get in.
Needless to say, this entire process does cost money. Simple as that.
How does it work ? Watch this short video.

How does it work ? Watch this short video.- We build and maintain

– We work to identify and engage individuals for the network

– We work to provide members with as many reporting tools as we can afford

– We have developed training materials that help improve the quality of the reports

– Our editorial team in Accra work to train, guide and coach the contributors on a daily basis

– etc.

One way we generate income is via our “Really Simple Reporting” program. For a reasonable fee, organizations can commission their own mobile reports. We put together a briefing on a project, event or theme and send this out to one of the local journalist in the field. They can then make a visit to the location and collect the necessary text, photo and video. The report is then uploaded and edited before we send it off to the client. Our partner organizations use these mobile reports for their own websites, newsletters and other communication. These reports are often used in the effort to better communicate with stakeholders – the partners, clients and donors that would be interested in knowing more about what is happening on the ground.

Although these commissioned mobile reports do not qualify as ‘news’ they are often quite interesting, relevant and fun to watch. The local journalist becomes involved in interesting local projects and often times they gain considerable exposure as a result of the process. These commissioned mobile reports also mean we can pay the local journalist for the work that they do.

In this way we can help make a career in media more sustainable. /


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