Telecom giants fight to paint Uganda in all colors of the rainbow

The field of color psychology attempts to identify the effects of color on human emotion and activity.

The field of color psychology attempts to identify the effects of color on human emotion and activity.

It is amazing to see rural africa painted in the colors of telecom companies. I wonder if people have an opinion about this? Is this a positive or negative development? What are the implications for the people living in these buildings and surrounding communities? If you spend 40% of your income on mobile phone credit, live in a house painted by your telecom provider and depend on most of your income from selling scratch cards, its fair to say the communications industry impacts your life. And is this simply a creative way to make some money and get your building painted or has it somewhere crossed the line?

I will post additional photos as my collection grows! Will also work to add some interviews and impressions from people across the country. Till now I have heard some people say they liked it or didn’t mind. Others have said they were bothered by the colors. Needless to say its time to dig deeper.







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3 responses to “Telecom giants fight to paint Uganda in all colors of the rainbow”

  1. tumwijuke says :

    I like the multi-colored telecom advertising. Of course the building owners are receiving a negligible share of the advertising revenue, but at least they get a free coat of paint.

  2. zia505 says :

    Thanks for reaching out. Till now I have received mixed feedback. Spoke to some students today. One had an interesting opinion. He said it was about choice. He said that some of the people approached by the telecom companies desperately need the money so they have to accept whether or not they actually like it. Sometimes the money offered puts them in a position where they can’t refuse i.e. they don’t have a choice. The amount of money is determined by the size of the building and its location. A big building in the middle of town gets more than otherwise. Sometimes this is 2,000 or 4,000 USD. For a lot of these families this is a LOT of money. He also said that they get some money per month to keep from switching to another ‘brand.’ Needless to say, I think there is more to this issue. Feel free to share your own opinion on the matter.

  3. Terrell White says :

    It is bright and bold and gets people to thinking and being! And yes it does get a fresh coat of paint on the town’s structures and perhaps can be a catalyst for pride and additional pleasure for the overall feel of a town.

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