How do you compare Internet and Mobile – What is it like to be a programmer in Kampala? (Part 7)

Mobile Computing Lab - Makerere Faculty of Computing and ICT

Mobile Computing Lab - Makerere Faculty of Computing and ICT

How do you compare Internet and Mobile?

Most of the programmers I spoke to choose the mobile phone. An application on the mobile has more potential and reach. One computer has five users. There is one computer per 1000 people. With mobile you are sure to reach more users, nearly 8 million subscribers in Uganda. Programming for mobile is a bit taxing as you have to consider its limitations – memory capacity, screen size and speed.

What is the potential of Mobile?

Some of the programmers believe that they now know more about mobile programming than anyone else. They say that deploying is easy…’there are mobile phones everywhere. Some Java, Bluetooth and it works! So this is good for development. The market is here.’

Mobile programming in Kampala really seems to be gaining momentum. The few conferences or events in town seem to be only about mobile. All the talk from the programmers is about going mobile. Even for their desktop applications they explain there is always a mobile component built into the application.

What do you think about the Telecoms industry?

Most feel like they are taking advantage of the population. People are ignorant to their services. They are not being fair and charge too much for what they offer. One student explained, ‘MTN offers broadband for 800,000 shilling per month. If you compare the speed and quality with what is available in India its 4x as expensive.’


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