Altoje Computer World

Tony Wamala - CoFounder Altoje Computer World

Tony Wamala - CoFounder Altoje Computer World

A 30 minute Boda Boda ride to the outskirts of Kampala, towards the east on the main road to Jinja, you end up at Banda Station. There at the intersection of a marketplace and two dirt roads I call Tony. Before I can turn around I see the young man come up to greet me. He is wearing brown leather shoes, slacks and a striped button up shirt. He has a big smile and looks forward to showing me his shop several buildings down the street. I can see that it has several stories, each containing a hallway lined by small business shops on either side. On the ground floor, at the end of the hallway on the right, you find Kampala’s newest software company Altoje Computer World.

The AL stands for Alex, TO stands for Tony and the JE stands for Joseph. I ask why there is an E at the end as opposed to an O. They tell me its because they wanted to include Jesus in the name of the company. So JE stands for Joseph and Jesus. The company was started by five friends who got to know each other during their time at the Makerere University. They finished their studies in July 2008 and graduated from the Makerere University in January 2009. Never able to find a job they decided to try and start their own business. Alex explains, ‘We were searching for jobs but jobs for Uganda is difficult. Why can’t we create our own. We knew it would take years and years to find a job so lets start a company, provide some services and earn a living.’ The jobs that are available aren’t attractive for someone passionate about software. He goes on to say, ‘You could do data entry for 100,000 to 200,000 shilling a month. But this is not the point. We want to build our own business and have a vision now.’

Although Joseph, one of the original partners, has become less involved recently. They explain he lives farther away and the travel costs can be prohibitive. There are two other individuals but they only come in on an assignment basis. This really leaves Tony and Alex running the show. They make sure the shop is always open from 7 am to 7 pm six days a week. On Sunday they assure me they don’t work ‘very hard.’ The two entrepreneurs make clear that when you have a job you can do whatever you want. You go home at five and you have freedom on the weekends. Alex, while helping a customer reorganize his pricing list, says, ‘they actually want you to rest on holidays. But for us we always have this rent over our heads. We have to work every day and try to get in as much business as we can.’ It is clear these guys are eager to build their company and don’t have time to waste. They are far more focused and serious about what they are doing and seem to be working harder than most of the programmers I have met until now.

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One response to “Altoje Computer World”

  1. Ricky Sippy says :

    Dear Sir / Madam ,

    I am Ricky Sales Manager from ( Regal Computers Ltd ) & ( Computer Zone Ltd ) Kampala , Uganda , would like to know more about your company & your products . Since we are Authorised Distributor’s for SAMSUNG / Channel Partners for HP & Microsoft & we are also Wholesalers for DELL / TOSHIBA & my own brand STALLION which includes Consumables,Accessories,Ups in Uganda,we also have 1 Head Office & 2 Branch Offices in DUBAI , so i would also like to speak & meet to your company Purchase Manager , in order to develop Good Relationship in Computers Business.

    Thanks & waiting for your Favourable Reply as soon as possible.

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