VC4Africa community explodes on Twitter

Africa Venture Capital community explodes on Twitter

Africa Venture Capital community explodes on Twitter

I find it amazing to watch our network grow and evolve over time. As VC4Africa we have leading communities on LinkedIn, Ning and now Twitter! Looking at this past month we can see an absolute explosion of activity and I am pleased to announce that our feed is now ranked in the top five of Africa feeds globally.

Another development that I find exciting to see is the launch of our VC4Africa Meetups. We have now hosted community driven meetings in Kampala, Nairobi and Abuja. And although initial interest was overwhelming, I will be working to bring some more structure to this process. This is out of the need to make sure that each event is a great success and achieves in its single objective of bringing like minded people together. In the effort to push the quality of these meetings I ask that we require a minimum three month lead time. This gives us the space as a community to organize a proper date and location. It also gives us the space we need to properly inform all aspects of the network needed to ensure a great attendance. If you are interested in hosting your own event please contact me at

If you are interested in helping out in other ways please share your thoughts and ideas. We have members running incubators, managing the facebook account, running the twitter feed, helping with content selection and ensuring the acceptance of quality members. All of these individuals are working in their own way to help grow and scale this network and in a common interest to promote business activity on the continent, an investment destination we all believe has untold potential!

I am also pleased to announce that Jon and his team in Kampala are making great progress on some new and exciting tools. We are getting closer and closer to being able to incorporate these into our daily activity. We are not there yet, but we hope to start introducing these new elements at the start of the new year.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to new investors and entrepreneurs who you feel should be part of this social movement. As a community we can bring together the best projects on the continent and in a common effort to realize their potential.

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