Crowdsourced Funding Development Projects in 24 Hours


Welcome to the 1% Club, the online marketplace where you can donate 1% of your knowledge, time or money to projects in need! You get to choose. You get to see how your input is being spent right. So pick a promoter and support a project!

Visit the homepage of the 1% Club and you will see an online community in action. In 24 hours the 1% Club and its network of members aim to mobalize euro 100,000. They have a list of interesting projects in need of financial support and that would benefit from some extra knowledge and expertise. Promoters, active members in the 1% community, have stepped forward to help out in an effort to spread the word and mobalize support.

What’s interesting about this project is to see how people are coming together in their own effort to make something happen. It’s pretty simple and at the end of the day there is a great team behind the 1% Club dedicated to realizing action for social good.

Want to get involved?
Join us on the 1% Club!


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The world is changing right before my eyes. Sometimes I don't know how I will ever keep up. There are so many ideas floating around on this internet. If only I had the means to collect them....

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