Time to invest in Africa!

Today VC4Africa is proud to welcome its 2010th member to our community platform VC4Africa.com. Needless to say, our community is much larger as we live across social networks. Actually we are now +/- 7000 members and growing fast on tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Here is a recap and some highlights moving forward.


A group of officers (active members willing to join as volunteers) have been instrumental in growing and maintaining the VC4Africa network. Each person has played a valuable role in managing this project’s development and is a testament to the idea’s strength and dedicated base of members. We have had wonderful contributions from a network of active participants (including Eyembe, Joel, Peter, Ed, James and Femi to name but a few) and its now time to invite new officers to take up the reigns and bring new energy and ideas into the process. Interested?

VC4Africa Meetups:

We have also moved to incorporate a BarCamp model in the effort to help members meet offline as they do online. These local meetings initiated by members are known as VC4Africa Meetups. We have already hosted events in Kampala, Nairobi, Abuja, Johannesburg, San Francisco, New York, London and Washington DC. Given our first event we hosted was in June 2009 I feel it is reasonable to expect much more in 2010. Are you interested in bringing together members in your area?

Time to Invest:

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs build companies in Africa. This means connecting them to resources, networks and information. This also means connecting them to possible clients, business partners and investors. To kick start this process I have worked with Bill Zimmerman of Limbe Labs to select one of their leading projects ready for funding.

Profiled project:

Gaston is a dedicated entrepreneur with a great plan and only needs euro 3,750 to get up an running. Let’s find him a partner and make this project a great success! SawaMarket is an innovative marketing platform for micro-entrepreneurs that enables service providers in the informal economy (mechanics, tailors, plumbers, painters, carpenters, etc.) to connect with customers and increase their business. The founders’ goal is to become a highly-profitable social business with a staff of 10 employees within five years. Their main activities will initially be focused in Douala—Cameroon’s commercial capital and largest city—and replicate the model across all of Cameroon’s urban centers, with the ultimate goal of extending to the CEMAC region. In order to scale this project and realize Gaston’s dream we are looking for an investor with euro 3,750. Interested?

Do you have your own project ready for investment?

Great, then VC4Africa.com is a platform for you. Please contact me on VC4Africa.com for an application form so we can know what you are about. We can then work to profile your project for the community and find you the partner you need to grow and scale your business.

What will the future bring?

VC4Africa.com is a community with serious potential. Moving forward we will be focusing our energies on building the tools and platforms needed to connect our network and further realize the opportunities we share across our community. We will start by launching an improved version of Afridex.net, our business information aggregator and professional database. Look out for some exciting news the coming year and we will do everything in our power to service you and your needs.

Happy Networking!


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