Join us for the first VC4Africa Meetup in Amsterdam, May 31st!

We have a 18 entrepreneurs with vetted business plans coming to Amsterdam. This is thanks to our partnership with Bid Network and in lead to their own event on June 2nd. Want to sign up? What is great is that these entrepreneurs are not just from East Africa but from Mozambique, Ghana, Congo and Niger too! Can you believe that? 🙂 Needless to say, this is a great chance to connect them with possible partners and investors. Also friends and other people curious to meet them. On May 31st at 7 PM we are hosting a VC4Africa meetup at the now famous Kobalt Cafe in Amsterdam. Please sign up for this free event and show your support!

Sign up for this event!

And in the effort to create a network effect, please forward this e-mail to colleagues and friends who would be interested. And feel free to make contact if you have any thoughts, ideas or questions!

What is a VC4Africa Meetup?

As VC4Africa we believe it is important we meet ‘offline’ as we do ‘online.’ For 9 months we have been using the BarCamp model (an international network of user generated conferences – open, participatory workshop/events, whose content is provided by participants) to organize our very own series of VC4Africa Meetups. Already we have hosted VC4Africa meetups in Johannesburg, Abuja, Kampala, Nairobi (2x), Kigali, London, Washington DC, San Francisco, New York and Atlanta. We like this open format because it means that anyone can participate. Any member of VC4Africa can organize a meeting in their area whenever they feel there is a need. As with all VC4Africa Meetups, they are simply a place for members to meet one another and share thoughts and ideas. No speeches, no agenda, nothing planned. The loose structure allows for lots of networking. Just remember, everyone is expected to pay for their own drinks : )

Meet the Entrepreneurs!

Here is an overview of the featured entrepreneurs for this event.
Come meet them personally and discuss their business ventures in detail.

Andrew Tesha – The Green Thumb Initiative Ltd. (GTI) – Country: Tanzania
In collaboration with local farmers GTI produces three varieties of mushrooms. GTI equips farmers with the basic knowledge, tools and expertise to produce good quality products, which are then sold to the local and international market.

Chris Ohabo – Polymer Energy East Africa Company ltd. (PECOL) – Country: Kenya
PECOL uses waste plastics and tyres recovered from Municipal Solid Wastes as raw materials to manufacture Heavy Fuel Oil and Carbon Black.

Fatchima Sidi Mahamane – Union Wafakay – Country: Niger
Union Wafakay produces natural products – peanut oil and peanut cake – extracted and processed from peanuts.

Frederik Vernede – The Village Briquette Factories – Country: Congo

This company aims to establish 5,000 Briquette Factories, in post-conflict rural communities in Congo. The factories will be producing combustible biomass briquettes as an ecologically sustainable fuel source for local consumption. In each factory teams of 6 people are provided with a kit, training and mentoring, together with a guarantee of purchase.

George Onyango – Skylink Innovators – Country: Kenya
Skylink innovators provides services in four core business segments: biogas construction, sale of biogas appliances, waste water treatment systems, consultancy and training. Skylink innovators is currently dealing with the construction of biogas digesters for homes and institutions, sale of biogas appliances and is looking forward to venturing into the provision of waste water treatment at industrial levels.

Jason Marc Morenikeji – The Clean Energy Company (TCEC) – Country: Mozambique
TCEC fabricates and provides maintenance for low-tech wind turbines. All turbines are produced locally and thus not dependent on ‘outside’ technology or skills.

Joseph Kaisa – Kaisa Bamulangeyo and Sons Ltd. – Country: Uganda

Kaisa Bamulangeyo and Sons Ltd. is a dairy business that wishes to improve their dairy management and technology, in order to increase milk production levels, efficiency and profitability.

Joseph Michael Mlay – Mlako Purified Ice Cubes Ltd – Country: Tanzania
Mlako produces purified ice cubes, which can be used for drinking purposes or for preservation of perishable goods like fish and meet. The business aims to expand its current line and also diversify into dry ice.

Kyu Ho Song – Mafuta Sasa Biodiesel Ltd – Country: Tanzania
Mafuta Sasa Biodiesel Ltd produces Biodiesel from used cooking oil.

Manasseh Acidri – Geoffman Enterprises & ARCOD -Country: Uganda
Together with small holder farmers this enterprise produces and sells the Ugandan Red Bird Eye Chilli (UREBEC), which is a small when ripened chilli pepper with high pungency.

Nezerwa Francois d’Assise – Calimax Ltd. – Country: Rwanda
Production, transmission and distribution of electric power by a micro hydro power plant.

Nicholas Manu – CookClean Limited CCL – Country: Ghana

CookClean is a start-up organization using an innovative marketing business approach to sell improved cook stoves as efficient and improved cooking system to replace the traditional 3-stone fire cooking.

Raphael Kimani – Lari Dairies Alliance Ltd. – Country: Kenya
Lari Diaries Alliance Ltd. is a fast growing farmer based company in the dairy industry, that processes various milk products. The Alliance is an association of five farmer cooperative societies, which enhances employment and a steady income for the farmers involved.

Sailesh Chudasama – Dheer Trading Limited – Country: Kenya
Dheer Trading Limited aims to set up a complete coconut processing plant with zero wastage, producing various products to sell nationally and internationally.


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