iCow takes first place at the ‘Apps 4 Africa’ contest

Today the winners from the Apps4Africa competition were announced at the iHub, Nairobi. A panel of judges chose winning projects based on their potential to have a measurable impact and their creativity and ingenuity. A full list of winners and prizes follows:

* First Place: iCow, a voice-based mobile application that helps farmers track the oestrus stages of their cows. This application can enable farmers everywhere to better manage breeding periods as well as monitor cow nutrition leading up to the calving day. This will help farmers get the most of their cows and their farms.

From Kenya, Charles Kithika is the first place winner receiving $5,000 and an Apple iPad.

* Second Place: Kleptocracy Fighters Inc. allows citizens to record and report real time information on government corruption. Reports can include: audio, video, text, and are meant to be both positive and negative. Reports will be forwarded to legal and media partners to help publish cases of corruption. This application has potential to help build trust, accountability and transparency around the world.

The second place winners received $3,000 USD and a Nokia N900.

* Third Place Winner: Mamakiba is a patient-facing SMS savings calculator and prepayment tracking tool specifically designed to help low-income women save and prepay for their maternal health needs such as ante-natal care and clinical delivery. Many women struggle financially, and this application can help teach the value of budget planning and provide lifesaving care for women and their families.

Jane Del Sur, Geoffrey Muthondu , John Wesonga jointly developed “Mamakiba”, our third place winner receives and shares $2,000 and a Sprint HTC Desire.

Honorable Mentions each received $200 and are as follows:

* Fogs Funeral Announcements, developed by Alex Gitonga, is an application for generating death and funeral announcements via text message. Radio and newspaper are costly in the region. Fog will allow users to cheaply and easily draft, edit and send these types of messages to ensure they reach friends, family, former schoolmates and colleagues – an important Kenyan custom.

* Kenya Constituency Development Fund : Community Tracking and Mapping was developed by Jamila Amin and Mikel Maron. This application allows Kenyans to easily view both official and on-the-ground details of the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects that are ongoing in Kibera, a neighborhood of Nairobi and the world’s second largest slum. This application will review and map submitted reports on the real status of aid and development projects on the ground, in contrast to official government reports, as well as allocated amounts, contractor details, photographs, and geographic locations. This evidence-based monitoring, combined with the communication power of maps and the web, serves as a powerful advocacy tool for improved accountability of development funds in Kenya.

* Ujuzi was developed by Ahmed Mohamed Maawy as a mobile resource locator application aimed at helping low income populations living in poor areas worldwide to locate useful resources like organizations, services, assets and personnel in their region. This free service has huge potential because it takes readily available information and creatively provides it in a useful, easy to access way.

Apps4Africa, a new breed of competition

Apps4Africa is the first in a series of regional competitions that the State Department will help convene, host and connect in Africa. Launched in July 2010, in Nairobi, Kenya by Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy Judith McHale, Apps4Africa generated more than 20 entries from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Civil society groups and citizens challenged program developers to find innovative technological solutions to everyday problems on issues ranging from transparency and governance to health and education. The competition builds on Secretary Clinton’s Civil Society 2.0 initiative and helps civil society use digital technology to connect to their communities and develop innovative solutions to shared problems. Key private sector partners include iHub, Appfrica Labs and SODNET.

See Secretary Clinton congratulating the winners.


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5 responses to “iCow takes first place at the ‘Apps 4 Africa’ contest”

  1. Bertil says :

    Where are the links of the websites of the different winners? Would like to read more about them…

  2. Jan Karski says :

    Hello all, if your interested in fighting corruption in Africa, check out the 2nd place winners at http://www.kfighter.com

  3. Chipotle says :

    Kleptocracy Fighters, Inc. can be found at http://kfighters.com

    You should be able to find links to the other websites at http://ihub.co.ke/ which hosted the event along with SODNET

  4. ayubkinuthia says :

    Great ideas we have here! I have some unique ones but I have never tried to create a mobile app..I will try to do something about it..meanwhile congrats to all winners and developers

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