AfriLabs – African Tech Hub Network needs a LOGO

Bill Zimmerman put together a creative brief for the Afrilabs logo. 99Designs is running a special offer through November and this seemed like an opportune moment to once again source the power of the crowd. Check out the briefing and help spread the word.

Brief Overview: We are a consortium of African technology hubs with open work spaces in Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon and Senegal. Individually, each hub serves as a nexus for technologists, investors, tech companies and hackers in our community. Together, we form a gestalt entity of connected nodes in a collaborative, Pan-African network.

Brand Name: AfriLabs

Target Audience: Our audience is African, global and far-reaching; this includes anyone who is participating in or promoting the growth of the African tech space. One segment of our audience is young African entrepreneurs, web and mobile phone programmers, designers, researchers and the startups that spring from these places. Each tech hub has its own distinct identity, yet shares a common vision of promoting the African technology sector.

Another segment of our audience is investors, VCs, private equity funds, businesses and organizations looking to engage this rising tide of African technopreneurs.

Participating hubs in the AfriLabs network include:

iHub Nairobi (Kenya) –
NaiLab (Kenya) –
Hive Colab (Uganda) –
ActivSpaces (Cameroon) –
Banta Labs (Senegal) –



We’re looking for an identity that is is fresh, simple, memorable and captures the spirit of technical innovation in Africa. Specific requirements:

*For branding purposes, the logo or a part of it must be able to stand alone as an icon (favicon, email signature, buttons, etc.)
*The graphic should in general be flat, unless there is a good reason for using depth
*Will need to look good in b&w and greyscale
*The logo and the type (font) can be separate
*The mark is “AfriLabs” with no additional text needed
*Final design needs to be submitted in AI, EPS, PS, PNG and JPG versions

**Don’t wants**

*African cliches (animals, maps of the continent, etc.) unless it works for your design
*Web 2.0 style design
*Run of the mill logo work
*Please do not use stock images or clip art

Payment Methods

This contest has been pre-paid with 99designs. The winner will be paid directly by 99designs for the full prize amount, excluding any third party transfer fees.

* Paypal (free, 2-3 day payment turnaround)
* Moneybookers (charges apply, 5-10 day payment turnaround)
* AlertPay (charges apply, 5-10 day payment turnaround)
* Western Union (charges apply, 10 day payment turnaround)

Interested? Check out the contest on 99Designs!


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