Testimonials VC4Africa

We always want to know if VC4Africa is making a difference. The new VC4Africa.biz matchmaking platform was launched this past November and I am pleased to share some of our first testimonials. Needless to say members are working across the community to generate a whole lot more!

1) “Hey guys, Market Fleas already has a potential investor, so big ups on the platform. We tried many different platforms and none of them even gave us a response, but after only three days we got a response here. Keep up the good work and i’ll be spreading the word.” Rick

2) “Hi Ben, Being an entrepreneur, I’ve been around the block when it comes to sites of this nature. And I must say; awesome! If you are able to attract investors successfully, this will become the one-stop shop for African business development. The site is easy to use and best of all, unique. All the best and thank you!” Louis

3) “Your web site has been very helpful to me. I was able to connect to a company that wants to represent Next2.Us geosocial sms network throughout Africa. We have executed a Framework Agreement. We are finalizing a relationship with a SMS provider that will allow Next2.Us Africa to offer our geosocial network service in Kenya in the coming weeks.” Brian

4) “That sounds great Ben, I believe that through this platform (with its business plan crunching) is going to help many entrepreneurs.” Wikins

5) “Please let me know how to support your work with the “Start-up Tool Kit” for entrepreneurs in Africa, perhaps including intellectual property and creativity content, templates, etc. and also by providing feedback to investors about valuation, due diligence, strategic guidance and advising, etc. for innovation and IP-based companies started in Africa, whether they’re planning on being a regional or international business.” JiNan.

6) “Ben: Thank you for your kind welcome and above all for being one of the the founders of this medium. I believe it is going to be a very useful tool for entrepreneurs from everywhere who have the best interest of Africa and Africans. I will look forward for more interactions in the future.” Kebede

7) “Hi Ben, thanks for the thumbs up. Great platform you have founded here! Looking forward to meeting up with those interested in getting involved in my business with either funding and/or mentoring.” Nicolette

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