It is time to move to

The time has come to close Originally constrained by Linkedin, the site really gave our community the chance to grow. We saw the number of members increase and many discussions come online. Members shared an incredible amount of content and we met in person at over 26 meetups around the world. Here are some of statistics reflecting some of the progress we achieved with the community so far.

We registered 4589 members and saw visitors to the website from 208 countries. The exceptions were Chad, Turkmenistan, Western Sahara, French Guiana and North Korea. I think it is fair to say the business interest in the African continent is very much a global one 🙂 We served 1,327,433 page views and facilitated 364 active forum discussions, promoted 157 events focused on business in Africa, hosted 38 Incubators and generated 886 blog postings.

Top African countries were South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. A ranking that reflects number of internet users, significance of economy, geographic location and the promising future prospects for each country. These countries were followed by Ghana, Senegal and Uganda. Without surprise, the most popular article published on was the, ‘Time to Invest in Africa’ with 2,486 reads. Clearly there is a growing interest in networking as a community of Entrepreneurs and Investors and together we are better able to organize the network, knowledge and capital needed to realize opportunities on the continent. We take this mission forward with the new website

Over the past year we have run a number of surveys, opened discussion groups and spoken to many members (both entrepreneurs and investors) and countless experts from a variety of backgrounds. We have collected everyone’s feedback and done our best to process the collected ideas. Most importantly we recognize the need for a more robust and secure platform that facilitates targeted interactions i.e. if you are interested in solar energy solutions for West Africa than you should be able to connect with the members and content most relevant to you. In this way we are working to tailor VC4A so you only get what you want.

We have also introduced new privacy controls that only allow members to contact you if you have approved them as a contact first. It is a challenge to foster our vision for an open community, where members openly share with the network and help other members regardless of their status, while keeping the interactions meaningful. We feel we are making great progress in these areas and continue to seek the community’s feedback. We have also added new social networking tools, a ventures section for posting projects, matchmaking capabilities and premium content to our offering. There is much more on the way and we invite you to join VC4Africa as we take the next step forward.

A special thanks goes out to Bill, Valery, Fua and all of the crew at ActivSpaces who have worked so hard to make this next step possible. Cameroon continues to lead the way!

Indeed. It is time to move to


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