What does Africa look like in terms of population?

I like HackerNews because I always find one or two surprises. This DayOneData project by Peter Main was the latest find. He basically looks to re-imagine the world in terms of population. India and China crowd the global map, and the US takes a commanding third. Looking closer at the African continent we can see usual suspects like Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa and Morocco. But more interesting is the size of the population in countries like Ethiopia (+/- 88 million), Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan. These countries don’t usually get a lot of positive press, but looking at their potential consumer base, are potentially major economic engines in the making. It is expected that Ethiopia could become the most populous nation on the continent, eventually surpassing Nigeria. Given the continent’s youthful population it will be interesting to see what this map looks like in 2050.


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3 responses to “What does Africa look like in terms of population?”

  1. Troy Wiseman says :

    I knows these major countries well and agree with the potential. However, until major reform takes place regarding, ease of doing business, political corruption & in the case of the Congo safety & human rights abuse, private capital neccasry to prosper & pull these countries out if poverty will not change.

  2. Biranzi Ibrahim Billy says :

    Number yes but the question should “How many Empires we build from materials from Africa from now and then. From Egypt people learnt to go school. The first white coloured man to come to my country found the King of Buganda now Uganda had chiefs and by that time he could stage a war and won America but funny enough he didn’t know the locality to find it.Did he knew I would be the man to ask “What is the population of Amsterdam city that I can donate organic fish.

    Biranzi Ibrahim

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